Sollpura represents the first soluble, stable and non-pig derived pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT), offering a potential novel solution to patients, especially young children and adults who are either unable to swallow multiple pills or are forced to use gastric tubes in order to maintain appropriate nutritional health. Sollpura contains biotechnology-derived lipase, protease and amylase that are stable under acidic gastric conditions without enteric coating. Therefore, unlike currently approved enzyme products for the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), which are extracted from pig pancreases and require enteric coating for gastric stability, Sollpura’s inherent solubility and stability make it an ideal product in either a capsule or soluble powder formulation.

Sollpura was licensed from Eli Lilly in July 2014 with worldwide rights.

Patients on current porcine PERTs take upwards of 15-20+ capsules per day to provide adequate enzyme replacement.

Sollpura (green capsules) has the potential to significantly decrease the number of capsules per day when compared to porcine PERTs (white capsules).

Sollpura Represents an Optimized PERT

First Biotech Derived PERT


Stable in Low pH

Powder and Capsule Formulations


Result: Phase 3 Trial